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#33 Jimmy Howard
Pos: Goaltender
D.O.B.: 3/26/84
From: Syracuse, NY
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 215
Catches: Left
Drafted: 2nd Rnd, 2003 draft by Detroit Red Wings
Acquired: Signed with Detroit 8/25/05
Plus: High level of confidence... Very fast, recovers quickly and squares to the shooter... Aggressive...
Minus: Consistency is a big issue... Tendency to play too far out of the net...
Organizational Comments: "Jimmy is a great player and a powerful young man, technically very sound, and again, this is the time of year where he plays his best and we look forward to seeing him. He has a great head to head matchup with Jean-Sebastian Aubin, a veteran guy, so it's a great challenge in his young career, and no matter how he comes out, he'll be all the better for it." Griffins Head Coach Greg Ireland
What GRC says: 2008-09: The second half was more of the same for Howard as he ran hot and cold to finish out the schedule. He managed to hit the 20 win mark for the 4th time, but dropped four out of five decisions to end the season with home ice advantage on the line. He raised his game for the playoffs, winning his first series as a pro, and got his team to the second round. Howard has been told to come to camp ready to take the NHL backup job. He is out of AHL eligibility, meaning he has probably played his last game in Grand Rapids.
2007-08: Coming off his stellar mid-season stretch, the second half was a nightmare for Howard. He won his first three starts of the half and then only five more the rest of the season on his way to an 8-14 record with a gaudy 3.18 goals against. While part of the netminders' problems can be blamed on the team not playing well, a large part was that Jimmy did not look as sharp as earlier in the year. He was pulled in the middle of games for the first time all season, and appeared to lose his concentration and focus in others. His play down the stretch has cast some doubts as to whether he is NHL ready yet, and wherever he ends up next season he will need to have a good start to solidify his presence and stop the slide.
2006-07: Jimmy took huge strides in the second half, especially as the end of the season drew to a close. His bad games were becoming fewer and farther in between, and he was taking control of games as his four second half shutouts allude to. Howard raised the level of his game another notch for the playoffs and was easily the team¸s best player, sending the series to 7 games and posting stellar numbers.
2005-06: Howard put together a great stretch of games after the first of the year, and really showed his potential. He stumbled a bit at the end of the season and then lost his composure in the playoffs. This year was a great learning experience for the rookie netminder, expect him to come back even stronger as the starter in GR next season.
Role: Starting Goalie
Projection: #1 Netminder

Season Team League GP W-L-T/SOL GAA SV% SO EN GA SA Mins   GP W-L GAA SV% SO EN GA SA Mins
2001-02 US National U-17 USDP 9 6-3-0 3.67 1 0 29484  
US National U-18 USDP 26 16-8-1 1.89 0.933 3 0 471492  
2002-03 Maine Black Bears HE 21 14-6-0 2.45 0.916 3 0 14 192 425  
2003-04 Maine Black Bears HE 23 14-4-3 1.19 0.956 6 0 47 562 1151  
2004-05 Maine Black Bears HE 39 19-13-7 1.92 0.924 6 0 27 607 1364  
2005-06 Detroit Red Wings NHL 4 1-2-0 2.99 0.904 0 0 74 974 2310  
Grand Rapids Griffins AHL 38 27-6-0-2 2.58 0.910 2 0 10 104 201   13 5-7 3.46 0.885 0 0 44 384 763
2006-07 Grand Rapids Griffins AHL 49 21-16-5-3 2.70 0.911 6 4 125 1411 2776   7 3-4 1.93 0.927 0 0 14 191 435
2007-08 Grand Rapids Griffins AHL 54 21-27-1-2 2.83 0.907 2 4 146 1567 3097  
Detroit Red Wings NHL 4 0-2-0-0 2.13 0.926 0 0 7 95 197  
2008-09 Grand Rapids Griffins AHL 45 21-15-3-4 2.54 0.916 4 0 112 1327 2644   10 4-6 2.41 .900 0 0 24 240 598
Detroit Red Wings NHL 1 0-1-0-0 4.07 0.857 0 0 4 28 58  
Griffins Total 186 90-64-9-11 2.67 0.911 14 8 475 5324 10658   30 12-17 2.74 .899 0 0 82 815 1796

8/25/05Signed 3 yr contract with Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
10/23/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
11/2/05Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
11/4/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
11/5/05Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
11/8/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
11/26/05Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
12/10/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
12/11/05Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
12/19/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
4/20/05Recalled by Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
4/24/05Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
9/29/06Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
1/11/07Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
2/13/07Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
3/2/07Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
3/7/07Assigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
5/3/07Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
9/30/07Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
10/21/07Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
11/2/07Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
2/11/08Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
2/26/08Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
3/12/08Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
3/15/08Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
3/24/08Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
3/26/08Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
3/27/08Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
3/29/08Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
4/12/08Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
7/22/08Signed 3 yr contract with Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
10/16/08Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
2/20/09Recalled by Detroit (NHL)
2/22/09Assigned by Detroit (NHL)
5/8/09Recalled by Detroit (NHL)